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Are you looking for simple way to track your things ?

TrackThings !

Tracking items can be highly beneficial for several reasons. By logging when an item is used, serviced, or its instructions, it becomes easier to keep track of the item's history and its current status. This can help prevent issues such as lost or misplaced items, overdue servicing, or incorrect usage. Additionally, tracking items can aid in inventory management, as it allows for a more accurate count of available items and can help identify patterns in usage. Overall, keeping a detailed record of an item's usage and maintenance can save time, money, and ensure that the item is being used efficiently and effectively.


To setup a new label:

  1. Put the label in the item that you want
  2. Scan the label and you can name the item. (if you haven't logged in you'd be asked to login first)
To log an action done to an item:
  1. Scan the item that you want 
  2. log the action that you want by typing anything that you want, or click on the buttons

To check the history of an item

  1. Scan the item, or click ITEMS and then on the item that you want.


  • log any action
  • time
  • notes


  • know what is inside a box, or in what box is an item
  • who used it
  • keep log of water, fertilizer, history of your plants and trees
  • know when you serviced you tools and keep tips and reminders about them
  • export the data for further analysis



Keeping things in order and knowing where everything is can save us a lot of time and effort. It can also prevent us from buying things we already have but cannot find. A things tracker can help us achieve this level of organization. With a things tracker, we can keep a record of what we own and where it is located. This can be especially helpful for items that we don't use frequently or that are stored away in a closet or attic. By referring to the things tracker, we can quickly locate the item we need and avoid wasting time searching for it. Additionally, the things tracker can help us avoid unnecessary purchases by reminding us of what we already have.


Tracking the use and maintenance history of machinery and tools on a workstation is essential to ensure their efficient operation and longevity. By keeping a record of the usage and maintenance activities, you can identify patterns and potential issues before they become significant problems. The maintenance history also helps you keep track of when each tool or machine was last serviced and when it may need servicing again. Keeping notes of any issues or repairs made to the equipment can be valuable information for troubleshooting future problems. Overall, keeping a detailed record of machinery and tool use and maintenance helps to maximize their lifespan and minimize downtime due to malfunctions or breakdowns.


A plant growth tracker is a valuable tool for both experienced and novice gardeners. It helps monitor the growth of plants by tracking essential variables such as water, fertilizer, and trimming. With this tool, you can determine the optimum amount of water and fertilizer required for your plant to thrive. Additionally, tracking when your plant needs trimming ensures it stays healthy and prevents the spread of diseases. Get the necessary information to ensure your plants remain healthy and continue to grow.


At the moments its available only for testing.

If you wish to use the system please contact us at aa@sdf.gr